Pushing the envelope & exciting the masses

January 2, 2018




Episode 1

Pushing the envelope and exciting the masses


I somehow am back here again, i left ASSA for a year, over bullshit and petty bickering.


Im poor, i do this for fun, on bugger all coin, so when the fun went, i just couldn’t see the point in hanging about. I see it happen in many areas of life, people get bored, or over the crap, it all becomes too hard. Sports Sedans has been suffering from that, social media rants, angry old men, pushy new members, illegal cars, legal cars, rules, supercars, classes, yada yada. 


A year away helped me love the cars again, i went off and did some aasa racing, its much cheaper too, also got a wingless sprintcar, again, cheaper to do….  both are way more in my budget, Sports sedans is for the wealthy or the very clever, i am neither.


I have half an idea, and earn about as much in a year as the top guys spend on one engine… 


So why am i back? To be blunt because Warren made me, and some awesome people are in the class, and all want to make the class great. Thats what im going to focus on, the positives, rather than be caught up in the negatives. 


What is exciting, is new cars, cars pushing the envelop of what a sports sedan can be, a 928 Porsche, yellow, bright bloody yellow, with a big V8, its madness, a great kind of madness. From the same stable we are getting a Lamborghini, yes, thats right, a mother trucking Italian supercar!

Built to the current regs…. yes, dont argue, dont complain, embrace it. I would love to do a 911 Porsche or lamborghini countach. with big V8, or even a LS2, keep it simple….angry. Another cool car is the transam, in that ken block mustang style, its going to look tough as, like a staunch steroid school bully, just bumping you as you pass in the hallway. 


You can embrace this change, see it as a stepping stone to making sports sedans great again, or you can bitch and moan about how these are not sports sedans, and they need 4 doors or how you have been around for 100 years and everyone must respect you authority. 


So, how do we grow as a class? new cars are a great step, new exciting cars, we need a strong top 10-15 full blown sports sedans every meeting battling hard, exciting the crowd, annoying the neighbours and upsetting the authorities. Then, what we need is another 10-15 cars that are 

built by guys like me, on hopes and dreams, older sports sedans, ex IP cars, and floorpan sports sedans. Guys who run on old tyres, with an engine on its 5th season un touched, you need to attract these guys. I can tell you right now, time attach, sprints, Super TT, extreme TT are all taking cars from the sports sedan grid.

Its simple, if the class keeps losing cars to other classes, you will end up with 6-7 cars running about, sure they look cool, sound great, but, who wants to watch grids under 10 cars. I was at Philip Island, watching the last Shannons round of sports sedans, it was a sad day. Sure jack nearly hit 300kmh, besides that, it was just like watching qualifying. or a practice day. That got turned around this year, the national guys ran with new and vic series and it was awesome. You have that fast group of full blown sports sedans, then the rest of us. Even with the speed difference, it was great on track. I did one round of it, and the quick guys got by easily, we were all having a blast, even when Tamasi spun infront of the entire field. I really hope 2018 continues to grow. At both ends of the class, because unless we all somehow start earning over a 100k a year we need those mid to rear pack runners, and we need to make them feel welcome and encourage them to tell their mates.


This year i want to feature a new car each issue, but can only do this if you, the members help, otherwise its just going to be me rambling about shit and giving you vegan pizza recipes. 


In closing, embrace the change, its not 1980 anymore.


Dont post on facebook when drunk


Stop texting me when you dont like my Porsche mock ups


Focus on the positives


Delete or distance yourself from the negatives


And most importantly, have fun, you race a car, or own one, or build them, besides being a pornstar or an astronaut, you cannot do much better in life.



#54 Ran Maclurkin

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