Tyres aint Tyres? or are they..?

October 9, 2016

So im sussing tyres for 50k plate and more importantly for next season. Being fairly budget restrained ive been using second hand tyres for pretty much all my racing. Thanks to John, Robbo, Liam, Shane, and Muscats who have been throwing over some second hand rubber when they can. Sizes im looking at running are 300-310 655 18 on rear and 280-285 655 18 on the front. Muscats and Shane have hooked me up with some wets i can run which is bloody awesome. thankyou... Drys though im still searching...the 280 size is not common from what i can tell, and no one else i know runs them. Anyway new tyres vary slightly in price, but not hugely, currently Hankooks are leading my search with lowest price and from what i hear, besides being a bit harder so take a little more time to heat up they are great at $500 each for 280/650R 18 and $545 for 300/660R 18, next up is Dunlop who have supplied sports sedans for ages with great tyres. They are a bit more pricey at $650 for 280/655R 18 and $660 for 310/655R 18 They do seem to heat up faster if medium compound but from my understanding the Hankooks are producing faster lap times.

Next up are Pirelli, these are more again at $673.83 for 285/645 18 and $695.51 for 305/645 18  I know the Muscat RX7 uses these with great success, but no one else runs them, maybe just due to higher cost?




I also tried to get a price form Kumho but as yet have not received one.


So in summary of costs


Hankook : $2090

Dunlop : $2620

Pirelli : $2738.68

Kumho : your guess is as good as mine


Now anything will be better than old tyres for me to run on, so its all going to be a step up. Im going to keep searching, and sussing other brands. 


Keen to hear from you guys, what do you run thats similar tyres size, how did you find that tyres performed? What brands produce slicks available in Australia that i have not thought of yet? Bridgestone? Michelin? 


Once i have more info ill re visit this and let you know what i find out.







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