Sponsor Spotlight - Turbosmart

October 10, 2016

What can i say about Turbosmart? Richard "shoey" Shumack has been supporting my racing from nearly day dot of entering Sports Sedans in my 180sx. He messaged me after seeing my blow up at round 1, and just asked, mate, anything i can do to help.

It started out small, an actuator, and that was how it begun in 2014. The first race back from the blow up, we won in class, and finished 6th outright. Due alot to Apex Auto Garage, but the turbosmart advice and support gave us confidence.



The following year i rebuilt the car with high hopes, and Turbosmart came on board in a much higher level. With a blow off valve, electronic boost controller, wastegate and lots of piping and tubing and alike.


 We were pretty fired up to go for class B and the rebuild came up pretty well

 Round 1 at Phillip Island started off slowly for us, but by the last race the car and i were feeling great and getting faster, at 1 sec a lap...

Unfortunately we had a fire, all that work, money, time, long hours and new Turbosmart gear!



When i told Richard, i thought no way these guys will be able to offer more support this season,

but he just said send me a list of damaged items, and not long after this showed up.

 We spent the next few months rebuilding the car

 Jnr Muscat from Centerline and Nathan from Chasers Motorworks


 We missed out on a round, but made round 3, and while we had some issues, we were back!


 Turbosmart stuck by us the entire time, we never ever had an issue with any product they sent, to this day im yet to have a failure caused by Turbosmart gear. We even scored a trophy in a category we cross entered in.




Final run for that year was Sandown Historics and we set up a stand and gave away stickers and id have to say the Turbosmart ones were most popular.


This was to be the final race for the 180 with me as pilot, as a new project was already on the go but it was a hell of a lot of fun and a great way to finish up for the year.


 Turbosmart are still one of my sponsors, even though i now run a 350z with a NA LS1, all my rad tubing and all my clamps are Turbosmart. So keep that in mind with your non turbo build, these guys still have quality gear you can use.



A big thankyou to Richard and all at Turbosmart for the continued support and i hope we can get you guys some more results next season.










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