RU1NER Z build Part 1

October 6, 2016


Part 1


It started innocently enough around August 2015, i purchased a Z33 that my old man, foolishly he said, he would go halves with me (that didn't last..haha) Gregg from GK Tech had a cheap roller and wheels started it begun.


I picked up the car and took it to my old mans factory and got into it.


i started with cutting out all the speaker shelf etc, and started ordering parts:

Ikeya Formula adjustable arms, MCA coilovers, and i took my fuel system and wheels from my 180x. I wasn't going to, but took all the cataloguing setup out too, so running a Racepac dash etc...was going to go with gauges etc, but just thought why bother, lets do this right.


The car went off to Riverside racing, and Liam fitted a fancy cage to full national spec, and to be honest, it really set up what we needed to keep to quality wise.


While the car was at the old mans factory, i fitted an LS1 i purchased from Trent at Chequered tuning. I researched kits for getting the LS into the Z, and since my fab skill are not fantastic went with the Sikky kit from USA, it was actually the best decision. Went in like it was actually made to...


The idea was to keep it all simple, so its cheaper and easier to fix. The LS is pretty stock, it has a Crow cam aggressive street kit fitted. Also a big sting but necessary. An aviaid dry sump set up. We had to get custom headers and exhaust made also, and Sharp Exhausts did an amazing job. Besides that the engine is pretty much stock, we did splurge out on a ceramic clutch, but thats just mated to a stock t56 6 speed, that while slow as to shift it should handle the power all day long until i can afford to go sequential.


I found it difficult to work on the car often as it was over an hour drive each way, so i took it back to my small garage in Sunbury.


PT2 coming







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