Island Magic Heavy Metal SS

October 6, 2016

Heavy Metal SS island magic. Now is the time to rise up metal war lords. As part of the sports sedan 50k plate and final round of the state championship. We are running the Heavy Metal class in this brutal arena know as Phillip Island. A land of shifting weather from sleat to brutal heat, capable of melting steel. You must register your intention to run as a HMSS here, its our chance to show we have the numbers. You are running at a CAMs event so must comply to all regs and you will be running in 3D sports sedans so must comply to 3D regs. If you want this class to run next season. NOW is the time to show your strength. Talk is cheap and actions can change the wastelands. Bring your precious metal monster fuelled by gasoline, and be crowned "The king of the Steel"




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Racing is life

I've been at race tracks since i was 3 weeks old....its all i think about

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