Turbo Time

October 3, 2016

My bud Garry Roberts was testing his Indycar powered Torana...yes i said Indy car Powered. A Buick V6 Turbo charged angry engine.


 Garry decided one day, to turn this floorpan car into a space frame, and upgrade the NA V6 to full blow Turbo destruction. The rest as they say is history.He  summoned the race gods and produced an angle grinder, and across the world the cries could be heard, as Torana lovers wept at the loss of a very original old girl.


 The Torana Garry has created really is what a sports sedan is....just kinda ridiculous. Hot inside with the engine frighteningly close to the big man., Big slicks, wide guards, and enough danger and intrigue for a Bruce Willis film.


 Inside is like an oven left open on a summers day, you could throw a steak on that engine cover and have a feed at the end of the race, might be charcoal though, hope you like well done


 Garry old man and son Benny came down to support him, and what was amazing, was so many of the guys that Garry helps with their racecourse all came down to pitch in and give him a hand. 


Garry is always working on someones car, often more than one at a time, so was great to see the big man behind the wheel having a blast.



This is a short vid a pieced together of the day, enjoy the Turbo time...


The car is currently for sale as Garry has his eyes on an old friend


If you are interested shoot us a message and ill forward your details on.




LC GTR Torana Sports Sedan. Mid mount Buick Indycar V6. All new Pistons, rods, BMS forged crank, Jesel rockers, Titanium valves, Milodon gear drive, all factory Buick Motorsport catalogue parts. 
4 speed Hewland transmission with internal oil pump. 
9 inch full floating Diff with Harrop alloy centre. 
New HRT alloy radiator and heat exchanger. 
Brand new custom made Holset turbo. 
All new panels. 
Chassis is full space frame, 3 link rear end with cable adjustable watts linkage. Blade adjustable front stabiliser bar. 
Proflex 4 way adjustable rear coilovers recently reco'd by Murray Coote.
Koni adjustable front coilovers.
Power steering.
Also comes with a trailer load of spares. 
One cupboard, full of new Pistons, rods, manifolds, crank, block, heads(complete with rockers and ti valves) camshafts, lifters, rocker covers, springs, pushrods. 
Spare radiator new. 
Spare Set of wheels with wet tyres fitted. 
Spare brake pads and rotors. 
Complete spare transmission and box of spare gears and shifter. 
Spare parts for floating hubs including seals, locating nuts, washers, drive hubs. 
Spare front splitter. 
New windscreen. 
Car runs and drives. Currently running blow through carby. But I wouldn't put it back on track without converting to efi. 
Also have manifold and 90mm throttle body. 
Will need ecu, injectors and a fuel pressure reg. 
Already fitted E85 efi fuel pump. 
You are getting everything I have that's associated with running the car. 
It's cheap. 
If you're gonna Fuck me around, don't bother calling. 
I'm too old and cranky for that and I've heard enough bullshit stories to last me a lifetime. 
If that offends you, then there's a good chance you're not the person to buy this. 
Thanks for looking.


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