Its Getting hot in here.

October 3, 2016

So it has been awhile, i really should have written about all this after it happened. But to be honest it was all hands on deck to get the car back  together.


What happened?

Yes i should talk about what actually occurred. So the lead up was that i stopped running after round 3 last year, and in the time from then to round 1 this year i rebuilt many things on the 180, i sold a car, and a few other things to fund it all, and the car was in far better shape when i lined up on the grid at Phillip Island for round 1 this year. I was actually very sick,i could not sleep, had a fever and it took all weekend to dial my head into actually doing decent times. In the final race i was getting faster and faster every lap, i was finally feeling on top of the car, and catching

i believe 5th place, i had him in my sights, and this is where i made my first mistake. I could smell fuel, i could feel it on my skin as i came across the top, the car started to cough but i didn't care

i was catching the car in front. I wanted that position, and i was not going to give in. As i rounded the last corner, my eyes were screaming at me, i was now feeling the fuel in my lungs, i knew i 

was in trouble. I knew, i was likely going to go up in flames. I kept thinking wtf do i do? I thought where are the fire marshal's Thats right down the bottom, where you come in off the track...

So i decided to back right off and head for that spot, as i pulled off the track and slowed, it went up, while i was still moving. I freaked out, i have to get out of this car now! At first i loosened

off my belts, then i thought, what are you doing!! I grabbed at the buckle, yanked it, ripped the window net down and dove out of the car. It was still surreal to me at this point, this cannot be happening to me, can it? i waved and jumped, and got the marshal attention, 

i believe it took around 32 seconds for them to arrive. I was to be honest, in shock, i lost my breathe, i couldn't focus, i was watching my car, that my heart n soul are in, that id sacrificed so much for: burn. In retrospect, i should have cut power to the car as i rolled up that last straight, tried to get some fuel off the car. curt those big fuel pumps off earlier. I should have grabbed the small fire extinguisher and attacked that fire. But i honestly thought i would go up in flames, as fuel had been spraying over me for half a lap. I thought of Lauda, honestly i did..... i did not want to burn...

PART 2 Next issue. The Resurrection




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