November 25, 2017

Found a crazy cool body kit on youtube, and emailed the owner...excitedly i read the reply, thinking it was 975AUD haha  add a zero ran........

This kit include 

-Front bumper

-Front lip

-Front canard


-Side skirt

-Front fender

-Rear fender

-Rear bumper

-Rear wing (exclude leg)

Price is AUD 9750  (exclude shipping.)

Production time 9-14 weeks

October 2, 2016

I had some old knocked about spacers i was going to use on my 350z build, but decided something that important, as in holding your bloody wheels on, i had best get some new ones. I contacted Greg at GK Tech and a day later had some shiny new spacers. Quality was fantastic, and gave me confidence they can do the job. They are supplied with the nuts to fit them to your hubs and then just use you lug nuts as per usual. Make sure you torque them up correctly, As per the Nissan tech guide the recommend torque setting of between 72-87 Ft. Lbs. Anything more than this will strip the stud and is DANGEROUS. The setting of 72-87 is as per Nissans specifications....

October 1, 2016

Wow, as someone thats never raced on dirt, but would love to this film is painful! Why? Because i want to so bad! I want to go back in time and start as a kid, racing on dirt, in America. This film is so cinematic and flows between segments seamlessly. I cannot fault it. I downloaded it for 20 bucks, and its 20 bucks well spent. From triumph to tragedy. I shed a tear, i said "hell yeah" i connected, i cheered. We are Dirt is made with passion and honesty and you, if you love racing, any type of racing should get off your ass and watch it.

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