It was and idea, a thought, a laugh


I was looking at sports sedans, thinking, who makes these things? They are crazy, engine next to the driver, exhaust basically sitting on the drivers leg, space frame of bars, carbon, fibreglass and aluminium weaving, entwining with one another. "Built by wizards" was all i could think, crazy mad scientists, wizards weaving magic behind a closed garage door.

Then some time later at Phillip Island i was sitting with a mate Rod McNess, and was saying man, these things are "built by wizards", and he followed that with and "Raced by madmen" Bam, it was so. I said "man, can i use that, its perfect" He was like "sure" and that was that.

I think it applies to all motor sports, all custom builds, bikes and cars.  So over time i started using that name, and after racing one weekend thought. I need to do a site, that celebrates this, and i can talk about things i do, i see, and inspire and effect me. I thought the names too cut it down to and hope over time i can inspire you and post you in directions you have not heard about. 

Besides my adventures and mishaps in motorsport, ill review products i use or come in contact with, do some of the leg work on whats good, and whats shit, as its hard to tell these days. Also cover events, and interview builders and drivers and companies building parts for you, expose something different. Not just all smoke and mirrors, i want the real stuff.

Anyway, hope you subscribe and enjoy the site as it grows. Please contact me if you have an idea or an event. Or even a product you think i need to check out.


Ran Maclurkin

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